The Republican Party of Texas recently headed back to Midland for a very successful fundraiser, which was once again hosted by former Mayor Ernie Angelo and his wife Penny. This year’s event grossed over $40,000 – an increase from the 2011 event. In attendance were over 40 members of the Midland community and even a few visitors from Fort Worth.

Midland 1Dick Saulsbury was able to make it to the event from Odessa. Mr. Saulsbury is one of the Party’s biggest supporters and one of the original Chairman’s Circle members. We would like to offer a special thank you to him for attending our event and for all of the tremendous support he has provided to the RPT.

In more Chairman’s Circle news, the RPT welcomed our newest member while in Midland, Molly and Jason Hoisager. We thank them for their generous support and interest in the RPT.

After some witty banter between our host and myself, I presented attendees with a handout to demonstrate just how RPT funds are spent to elect Republicans throughout the state of Texas. Specifically pointing out that through Victory 2012, we were able to spend nearly $1.8 million on electioneering efforts. RPT sent out over 3 million mail pieces and made over 2.6 million phone calls to turn out the Republican vote.

Midland 2We also discussed Battleground Texas's recent move to Texas and the tremendous resources they will be given from President Obama and the DNC to fund their efforts to turn Texas blue. All in attendance agreed that the RPT needs to be equipped to combat Battleground Texas – some even offered an extra contribution to make sure that the rest of the state remains as red as Midland.

A special thanks to all of our supporters in Midland who contributed to a successful event. We wish to specifically thank Penny and Ernie Angelo, Dick Saulsbury, Molly and Jason Hoisager, J.D. Faircloth, Frances and J. Evetts Haley, Liz and Jim Henderson, Nancy and Nelson Spear, R.O. Williams, and Rhonda Lacy.