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Austin, TX, Release: March 3, 2022 — For Immediate Release

Today, in the lawsuit brought by the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) against Houston First Corporation (Houston First) following Houston First’s cancellation of the 2020 RPT convention, three justices from the Fourteenth Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s decision agreeing with the RPT argument. This decision remands the case back to the trial court in Harris County for further proceedings including discovery and trial, if necessary.
The Fourteenth Court of Appeals said the trial court erred by granting Houston First’s motion for summary judgment because Houston First failed to provide evidence for termination under the contract’s force majeure clause.
Matt Rinaldi, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas said “The cancellation of our 2020 convention violated our contract and caused the party significant monetary damages. This victory in the Court of Appeals is an important step in being made whole, as we look forward to a successful 2022 convention.”
In this case, the RPT is represented by Steve Mitby.