Dear Texas Republicans,

Thanks to you, November 2nd was a tremendous day for Republicans that will go down in the history books as landmark election for our country and for Texas. Political scientists will be studying this election cycle and the impact of organized grassroots activity for years to come.

With your help, we organized the largest grassroots effort that Texas has seen in years. VictoryTexas was able to make nearly 1,000,000 calls and knock on hundreds of thousands of doors this election cycle because of the extraordinary dedication of volunteers and supporters like you. In fact, we were able to make over 300,000 calls alone from the beginning of early voting through Election Day.

Texas is blessed to have so many individuals willing to sacrifice their time and resources for our great state’s future.

It has truly been an honor and privilege to chair the Victory effort in Texas this year. We put an emphasis on running Victory as true fiscal conservatives, doing more with less, and we succeeded. We spent 80 cents of every donated dollar directly on campaigns by keeping our overhead low, expenses small and by utilizing economies of scale to increase savings.

We achieved some remarkable victories on Election Day. Texas and other states sent a clear message to Washington that Americans are yearning for conservative leadership. In Texas, we maintained every statewide elected office, won 3 new Congressional seats and increased our majority in the Texas House by 22 seats.

We were also instrumental in helping remove Nancy Pelosi from the speakership by defeating longtime Democrat Congressmen Chet Edwards, Solomon Ortiz, Sr. and Ciro Rodriguez.

The conservative “tsunami” as it has been called would not have been possible without the hard work of our conservative candidates, the dedication of our grassroots volunteers and the outpouring of support from everyday Texans like you.

Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you help in making our effort successful. Now, let’s get back to work and ensure the defeat of Barak Obama in 2012.


Susan Combs
Chairman, VictoryTexas 2010