This is an Outreach Call to Arms! As we enter a new year, we look back upon a successful election, but we also remember – there is still much work to be done, and need your help for 2012.

Make no mistake, President Obama and his liberal cronies are already organizing and preparing finances for his re-election bid, and Texas is sitting directly in their crosshairs. There will be a battle for votes in the minority communities of Texas, where Obama and the Democrats have used outrageous rhetoric and deception to attack Republicans. We need your help to combat the opposition with the truth, and to introduce these communities to the principles and values of the Republican Party.

Your help will be critical, and here are some numbers to put things in perspective as to why.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2008 estimates, Texas has close to 24 million residents. Of those 24 million residents, 36% are Hispanic, 11.5% are Black or African American and 3.4% are Asian. Simply put, almost 51% of our state’s population comes from these three communities. Recent polling from Gallup currently shows that President Obama has a national approval rating of 63% in the Hispanic community and 89% in the African American community.

These numbers indicate why it is so important for Texas Republicans to continue the hard work of outreach into these communities here in the Lone Star state. If we allow the Democrats to continue painting the picture, Texas’ days of being a red state will soon come to an end. The RPT has already begun organizing a plan for expanding our outreach, and here’s some ways in which you can help!

  • Be a surrogate and speak to an organization in your community
  • Identify minority organizations and outreach initiatives in your community
  • Organize an outreach event with a Republican elected official
  • Join one of our Auxiliary organizations

As we saw in this past election, Republicans can win in our growing minority communities by hard work, communication and standing firm on our conservative values. This success is just another reason why the liberals in D.C. strive so hard to find wedge issues and spread misinformation in these communities, instead of working toward consensus.

The RPT has already begun the organizational work, we have started reaching out, but even more can be done with your help! Please contact our Outreach Director, Justin Hollis at (512)879-4053 or send him an email at to learn more about how you can help today.