Chairman Allen West Invites Joe Rogan for a Conversation about the Differences between TX & CA

Austin, TX, Release: July 30, 2020. For Immediate Release

Chairman West extends an invitation to comedian and podcast host, Joe Rogan, for them to sit down and discuss the key value and policy differences between California and Texas.

“As a fellow transplant to the great state of Texas, I am glad that Joe Rogan and many other Californians are looking for a brighter future here in the Lone Star State. However, I think it is important to have a discussion with these blue state refugees about what separates Texas from California,” stated Chairman West. “We cannot allow the policies that doomed California to take root in Texas. Only by holding the course on personal responsibility and economic freedom can Texas continue to thrive.”

As blue state refugees from California and across the country continue to arrive in Texas, we hope they will embrace the values of our state. Replicating the same failed policies of San Francisco, CA in Austin, TX will only lead to the same results.