“Considering that Pete Gallego repeatedly refuses to tell the truth about lobbying for his hometown of Austin, it came as no surprise to learn that Pete Gallego and the DCCC are choosing to blatantly violate campaign finance laws. The FEC has laid out clearly established limits on coordinated advertising, and Gallego and the DCCC have purposely chosen to misreport multiple ads as “hybrids.” From Pete Gallego to Hillary Clinton, Democrats seem to have an incredibly hard time following the rule of law. Since U.S. Representative Will Hurd has out-raised his opponent nearly 2-to-1, and has received endorsements from the San Antonio Express News and El Paso times, Pete Gallego is resorting to illegal campaign practices.”


Background: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/complaints-allege-house-dems-trump-ads-break-campaign-finance-law-230278