Austin-“Last night, we witnessed history. The American people emphatically rejected the liberal policies and leadership of the past eight years and elected Donald Trump and Mike Pence to help lead our nation back to a place of growth, healing, and prosperity. We look forward to supporting our President in this critical mission.

Voters also delivered the House and Senate to Republican majorities. America voted for Republican government and, as President-elect Donald Trump said early this morning, now it is time to produce.

Here in Texas, Texans decided that they remain in favor of Republican leadership at the highest levels of the state. Wayne Christian was overwhelmingly elected to serve on the Texas Railroad Commission, and all our statewide Republican Judicial incumbents were reelected. The entire Republican Texas Delegation to Congress won their respective races as well. The Republican Party of Texas remains the most dominant State Party in the country, largely in part due to the countless hours spent on the ground by our grassroots volunteers and exceptional Party employees.

Republicans will maintain decisive majorities in the Texas House and Senate. Some pundits were predicting up to double-digit losses in the House; and, though some outstanding members won’t be returning, we secured victories in the majority of our most competitive races across the state.

In Texas’s 23rd Congressional district, Representative Will Hurd won one of the toughest Congressional races in the country. Representative Hurd is an exceptional representative of south Texas, and we look forward to his continued leadership in Congress. Without question, we are confident that he will continue to provide steady leadership for his district.

The Republican Party of Texas team, led by our incredible 2016 Victory Chair, George P. Bush, was extremely proud to have played a part in these victories. Working with our candidates and statewide partners, we helped ensure that Texas will remain a beacon for conservative policies and strong leadership.”