Austin, TX, Release: September 26, 2020. For Immediate Release 

The Texas GOP commends President Trump for nominating such a strong constitutional conservative judge. Amy Coney-Barrett has an exceptional record and has distinguished herself as a leading legal scholar. Chairman West’s statement on Judge Barrett’s nomination and the upcoming election is below.

“No one could have predicted a few years ago that America would find itself with the very real possibility of having a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. But that’s the impact a single election can have on our nation. This November we are faced with the same choice: will we show up and vote for our beliefs or will we let others determine the future of our nation?

President Trump’s nominee, Judge Amy Coney-Barrett, will make a fine justice and will secure a Supreme Court bench that is anchored in constitutional originalism.

Let us pray for her and commit to vote for our beliefs this November.” 

The Republican Party of Texas looks forward to seeing Judge Barrett on the Supreme Court. Her nomination is just another example of the profound consequences each election has.