Logo of the Republican Party of Texas

Austin, TX, Release: August 22, 2020. For Immediate Release

Below is Chairman West’s response to The New York Times request that he explain the origin of the “we are the storm” slogan and when he began using it:

“It’s offensive and condescending that white, liberal, progressive socialists would expect me to respond to their demand to know how long I have said something. Here’s is a pure example of the leftist embrace of racism. It is obvious that as a strong conservative Black man I am not allowed to think or speak. I expect an apology from The NY Times, otherwise, it is evident who the purveyors of systemic racism in America are.”

Chairman West will not allow leftist partisans in the media to badger conservatives and Republicans.

The Texas GOP knows that many journalists are agenda-driven players, not referees. However, it is appreciated that The New York Times actually requested a comment this time.