Photo of Chairman Allen West

This week the Republican Party will conduct its convention in Charlotte, NC. The focus will be on America; the land of opportunity, land of heroes, land of promise, and land of greatness.

There is no debate that last week’s Democrat (Socialist) Party convention took a far different theme. For the progressive socialist left, their deep hatred of President Trump has translated into a burning hatred of our America. As evidence, look no further than the burning of our flag by the mob they have embraced, and their support of kneeling — not proudly standing — for our National Anthem.

As we approach this election cycle, ask yourselves a simple question: why elect people who belong to a political party that despises the country they seek to lead? The answer is that the Democrat Party does not seek to lead America. Their hate and angst compels and drives them to want to control America in order to fundamentally transform it into something antithetical to our Constitutional Republic.

The Democrats seek not to govern, but, instead, to rule. In Texas, we don’t want socialist rulers — just witness the results in Austin. Why would people flee failing states, move to another state, like Texas, only to replicate failure? Why would anyone in Texas vote to support a nationalized energy policy like the Green New Deal? Examine what nationalizing the oil industry in Venezuela created — not promise, but despair. The choice is simple.

During the DNC convention, they never condemned the chaos and violence in the streets of cities they control. During the Republican convention, you will witness a celebration of an America that enabled a kid born in a Blacks only hospital in 1961 to be the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

The Lone Star State is the star that illuminates the other 49. Texas is truly the embodiment of opportunity, promise, heroism, and greatness. Don’t allow the Democrats to dim the brilliance of the Lone Star!

Y’all, let’s #DumpTheDemocrats! Texas GOP, “We are the Storm!”