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Austin, TX, Release: March 27, 2021 For Immediate Release    

The Texas GOP and SREC unanimously passed a resolution in support of constitutional carry legislation currently in the Texas legislature. We are proud to support the right of Texans to exercise their constitutional rights. Below is the body of the resolution. 


Resolution in Support of Constitution Carry Legislation 

WHEREAS, Texas, unlike many of the states, requires a permit for legally owned handguns to be carried outside of limited areas such as one’s home and vehicle; and

WHEREAS, criminals do not follow the law and the permit requirement disarms their victims; and

WHEREAS, based on evidence from our state and other states, a permit requirement does not make people safer; and

WHEREAS, Texas should join the growing number of states who recognize constitutional carry, meaning that the constitution is our permit to carry; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the State Republican Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Texas supports HB 1238 and HB 2900 currently pending in the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety, in which anyone who legally possesses a handgun should be able to carry it, open or concealed, without a permit, while maintaining licensing as optional for reciprocity purposes. Upon passage of this Resolution, we request that it be distributed to all House and Senate members of the 87th Texas Legislature.