Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has recorded a special audio update for Texas Republicans with the latest on the ObamaCare challenge currently being heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

“Hi, this is Greg Abbott just outside of the United States Supreme Court where we have finished Day 2 of the ObamaCare oral arguments. We had a great day where it seemed like a majority of the justices agreed with Texas’ position. Justice Kennedy in particular said it looks like ObamaCare changes the relationship between government and individuals in a way that intrudes upon individual liberty. He also said that in agreement with Texas that ObamaCare is forcing people do something that is contrary to their prior rulings. Importantly, Justice Scalia agreed that the federal government is supposed to have limited powers. The federal government has only those powers that are enumerated in the Constitution. He can’t find in the Constitution where the federal government has the power to impose ObamaCare. Outside the courtroom, it was completely crowded with people who were chanting opposition to ObamaCare. The people of this country are in agreement with the arguments by Texas against ObamaCare. Just know that we are here in Washington, D.C., fighting for your liberty, fighting for your interest and trying to protect you and your pocketbook. We’ve got one more day of oral arguments and then the decision coming out soon.”

 Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General

General Abbott will be issuing daily updates for Texas Republicans throughout the trial, and we will send these updates to you via email.

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