CaliforniaAfter a spirited primary, there are two obvious takeaways from Election Day. First, grassroots conservatives from across Texas have nominated a number of great candidates to be on the Republican ticket in November.  Upon hearing the results, Chairman Munisteri extended well wishes to all primary winners.  “I would like to congratulate General Abbott and Senator Cornyn on receiving our party’s nomination at the top of the ticket and look forward to working with all our nominees to ensure Texas remains a conservative, business friendly red state.”

While there are several statewide positions heading for a May runoff, it is imperative that as Republicans, we begin to coalesce behind our nominees. The first step in showing your support is simple – find and follow these candidates on social media.  This is the easiest way to get plugged into campaigns across the state and stay up to date on the latest news and event information.

Despite boasts from Democrats that this year will be different and despite their well publicized proclamations that they would increase Democrat participation, in fact Republican turnout has outnumbered them by well over 2 to 1. In addition, their vote total was actually less than in their 2010 gubernatorial primary.

Make no mistake – this is our opportunity to deliver a message to the Washington DC and Chicago Obama operatives: Don’t California Our Texas!  We will be announcing ways you can help deliver that message in the coming days.  But for tonight, rest well knowing the future of our great state is in the good and capable hands of our Republican nominees.