Logo of the Republican Party of Texas

Austin, TX, Release: December 17, 2020. For Immediate Release

The Texas GOP will relentlessly work to end the murder of unborn children in our state during this coming legislative session. We will not allow organizations like Planned Parenthood, who openly work with Satanists, to continue to slaughter the most vulnerable members of society.

Chairman Allen West stated that, “our legislative priority is to end the murder of unborn babies in Texas. It is not in keeping with Texas values nor respecting our unalienable right to life, which was given to us by our Creator. Unborn children need someone to be their voice, when they are crying out from the womb in distress as they are dismembered.”

The right to life is the premier of all our rights, because only by having that one can all the rest be utilized. The Texas GOP will not allow the hypocrisy of abortion to continue in our great state.