I applaud Chairman Preibus for standing up for our Republican Presidential candidates. CNBC and it’s moderators made a mockery of Wednesday night’s debate. Their disrespectful actions cheated the American people out of the opportunity to learn more about the candidates on stage. Instead of addressing substantive issues that affect the daily lives of the American populace, they wasted time asking “gotcha” questions and pandering to the interests of the liberal media.

Millions poured into the NBC coffers because of that event, and yet they showed nothing but disdain for our party and our candidates. Instead of approaching a Presidential debate with dignity, they instead tried to turn it into a reality show. Until they can prove themselves a true partner, wanting to actually inform the electorate on critical issues, Chairman Preibus is absolutely right in saying they are unworthy of the party’s trust. Texans and the viewers across the nation deserve better for our debate.

-Tom Mechler