The following is an update from SREC Senate District 17 Committeewoman Tina Gibson.

Our Senate Districts 11 & 17 SREC Workshop in League City was a great success!  Residents from Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend and Brazoria Counties were in attendance at the Bay Area First Baptist Church in League City.  We had a full house!  Sheryl Berg, Dennis Paul, Bruce Campbell and Tina Gibson had a great time in collaborating efforts for this event.  Thank you to our sponsor for the event, Congressman Pete Olson who provided our wonderful breakfast from Panera Bread.

Our workshop focused on getting ready for Victory 2012 and how to prepare the grassroots volunteers for the onslaught of Obama media and activists from the left invading our state in the next year.  The plea from our SREC representatives was that we must work together and come together afret next year's primary to fight for our freedoms and against Obama.  Now more than ever, we need to find our common ground in order for our country and our Party to survive. That also means reaching out to all of our neighbors, to reach out now to minority groups and communities, and to start the important work immediately instead of right before the election.

Our speakers, National Committeewoman Borah Van Dormolen presented a workshop on getting involved in the Republican Party for Victory 2012 and also gave an update on the Republican National Committee.  Due to the current rules of the RNC on State Party Primary dates Texas is non compliant.  Texas now must send delegates and alternates to the National Convention in August 2012 as proportional delegates to presidential candidates.

State Party Chairman Steve Munisteri spoke on the influence of the RPT on the 82nd Legislative session.  The RPT had 5 issues that were pushed to be passed; Voter ID bill, the Sonogram bill, Sanctuary City bill, Eminent Domain and balancing the State budget without using the Rainy Day Fund.  As always, he was able to rally our volunteers to get involved in the RPT. 

Senator Joan Huffman, State Representatives John Davis (Clear Lake) and David Simpson (Longview) all gave reviews of the 82nd Legislative session with the positive results and challenges that took place.  Each representative took questions following their presentations.

Congressman Pete Olson was not able to attend due to the budget extension battle taking place in Washington.

Elizabeth Perez of the Latino National Republican Coalition and also a candidate for Houston City Council gave an informative presentation on how we need to bring Hispanics in to the Republican Party.  As in our last SD 17 meeting Elizabeth was well received and awakened our group to the task at hand in reaching out to Hispanics who traditionally vote democrat, in this next presidential election.

Sheryl Berg kept the competition going throughout the morning by giving prizes to those who could answer some difficult quotes from American patriots. 

Thank you to Linda Hancock, Mike Gibson and Ken Canion for helping us set up and run the workshop.