The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has called on Planned Parenthood to cease political activities in Texas until state investigations are concluded into whether the organization illegally profited off of harvesting baby body parts. Today, Planned Parenthood refused to testify in front of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services but they did find the time to protest the hearing at the Texas Capitol. Furthermore, their bizarre behavior has only raised more questions as to whether they are a de facto nationwide criminal enterprise.

“Until it can be determined by state investigators that Planned Parenthood hasn’t used illegal profits from harvesting baby body parts to fund their operations, they should immediately cease from all political activities in Texas,” said RPT Chairman Tom Mechler. “The revelations on the recently released videos are unconscionable, and any candidate or political organization who received a check from Planned Parenthood should immediately return it. If Planned Parenthood disregards their moral obligation to halt their political activities in Texas, the Republican Party of Texas will hold them and their allies accountable. It’s time to stop playing politics with baby body parts and start telling the truth.”