You've probably already heard, but we're here to confirm it – early voter turnout is huge in this important election!

But here's the news that you may not have heard – the Obama machine has generated a large ground game to push Democratic voting up as well. Our tracking shows that the increase in turnout is also leading to higher Democrat participation to match our numbers in some key races – we cannot let up our efforts in these critical last two weeks!

Through the Texas Trailblazers program, we are continuing to press the battle through Election Day! This past weekend was full of activity across Texas. We have received enthusiastic feedback from campaigns across the state, eager and excited to be in the middle of election season, and energized by the presence of volunteers like you. Here at the Republican Party of Texas, our staff was out there right beside volunteers like you this past weekend to push early voting and the Republican ticket!

Executive Director Beth Cubriel, Special Projects Director John Jackson and Finance Director Keri Mason walked door to door in Travis County to support Republican nominee Robert Thomas in House District 48. Outreach Director David Zapata traveled down to South Texas where he campaigned in various citiesin Bee County and Jim Wells County for the J.M. Lozano campaign. Staff Assistant Lauren Pacek, Victory Assistant Rachel Wilson and Political Director John McCord traveled to San Antonio to help re-elect Congressman Francisco "Quico" Canseco. There, they were also joined by Chairman Steve Munisteri and U.S. Senator John Cornyn in San Antonio to rally for Congressman Canseco on Saturday. On Sunday, Chairman Munisteri traveled to Houston to blockwalk for Dianne Williams in west Harris County. The full RPT staff will be out walking again this upcoming weekend, and hope to see you too!

There is every reason to believe that this weekend will break turnout records for early voting, and its important to remember that it is the only weekend dates available to vote in this election. Your help is needed now, more than ever to help us push more Republicans to the polls!

Our Texas Victory website is adding daily to the statewide calendar of all the opportunities available across Texas this weekend to get involved for Republican candidates. Sign up today to volunteer and become part of the Texas Trailblazers!

Even if you can't particpate this weekend, we still have one more weekend before Election Day on November 3-4, but opportunities still exist every day between now and November 6th. Now is the time for action!

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