Thursday, January 2, 2020

Sam Pohl,

Julian Castro Drops Out of the Democratic Presidential Primary

AUSTIN, TX – This morning, Julian Castro released a video announcing he was withdrawing his bid for the Democratic nominee for President. During his campaign, Castro was mainly known for barely being able to poll above 2% and for leading the charge to the left on illegal immigration.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“Julian has joined the rapidly growing list of Democrat candidates who suspended their campaign. While running for President, he made an all out sprint to the left on immigration. He’s finally realized that those radical positions simply do not align with the will of Texans or Americans.

“No matter who the Democratic nominee ends up being, radical far-left policies like ‘Medicaid for All’ and taxpayer funded healthcare for illegal immigrants will not resonate with the American people. People want results, not obstruction and bad policy. Under President Trump’s administration historic tax cuts were signed into law, over 7.1 million jobs have been created, unemployment rates are at record lows, and wage growth is up by 3.1% year over year – these are real results that improve the lives of all Americans and allow them to build a bright future for themselves, their families and their communities.”