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Leadership Institute Texas Activism Workshop

Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association (TRCCA), Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW), Republican Party of Texas (RPT), Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF), and Texans for Greg Abbott (TGA) cordially invite you to attend:


“Rule number 8. You can’t beat a plan with no plan.” – Laws of Public Policy Process, Morton Blackwell, Founder, The Leadership Institute

Most elections are lost not because of lack of time, talent, or treasure, but how they executed the resources they had. Are you prepared for the next round of elections? What is your plan to recruit volunteers? To organize your area? To turn out the vote?

The Campaign Activism and Leadership Workshop will quickly teach you the tools you need to make a winning plan for your campaigns.

Ideal attendees for the Campaign Activism and Leadership Workshop are volunteers, current and potential precinct chairs, elected officials, current or future candidates for political office, campaign operatives, and party officials.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Grow their organizations
• Organize precincts for voter contact
• Turn out their voters

“Universally everyone has applauded the quality of instruction that is provided by the Leadership Institute. The amazing information that they gather.  Their perspective and experience of those giving the courses, It has been really without parallel.”   James Dickey, Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas 

This past spring and summer, the Leadership Institute hosted a series of campaign schools across the state of Texas. This workshop is a continuation of this educational series. The content is different than the previous class. While the focus is for volunteer and precinct leaders, it is also useful for campaign staffers and party members. Attendees did not have to attend the previous school to benefit from this training. All are welcome.


Potential Candidates- if you are exploring whether you might run for a non-federal public office, Texas law requires you to file a Campaign Treasurer Appointment.  If you have any questions, please contact Donna Davidson.

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