RPT-Designated Priority Legislation:

*HB 10 (fighting human trafficking) was passed unanimously by the House.

*HB 11 (securing the border region) overwhelmingly passed the House.

*SB 11 and SB 17 (open carry/campus carry) were both heard on the floor of the Senate this week, with both being passed favorably.
In Committee this Week

RPT-Designated Priority Legislation:

*HB 910 and HB 937 (open carry/campus carry) were heard in the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety. RPT Vice-Chairman Amy Clark testified before Committee Chair Larry Phillips and the committee as to the party’s position-both in the platform and as a legislative priority-on these important Second Amendment issues. Both bills were left pending in committee.

*SB 3 (securing the border region) was passed favorably from the Senate Subcommittee on Border Security. It will now be considered in the full Veterans Affairs & Military Installations Committee.

*SB 10 (relating to the Public Integrity Unit) was considered in the Senate State Affairs Committee this week and passed out favorably. RPT supports the transfer of the PIU from the Travis County DA’s office to an impartial state-wide office.

*SB 14 (relating to parental empowerment in education) was heard in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday.


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