Rick Galindo

Rick is Republican Because

“I believe the Republican Party best reflects the values my parents instilled in me and the values my wife Valerie and I are instilling in our own daughters – hard work, responsibility, equality and giving back to the community. I grew up in a family of Democrats, so becoming a Republican was not necessarily a natural choice for me. But as I went to work and got married and started raising a family, I realized that the Republican Party was a better choice.

I believe in the American Dream and that people like me who work hard and obey the rules should be able to get ahead – not be punished by high taxes to fund big government. I believe parents should have more options when it comes to education and not forced to send their children to failing schools that are unaccountable to parents. I believe in family and faith and freedom.

The Democratic Party of today claims to stand up for hard working men and women, but in reality serves a few special interests instead. In my own district, I agreed with constituents who believed they were not well-served by the incumbent Democrat, so I decided to do something about it. In the Legislature, I’m proud to stand up for working families, school children, veterans and seniors.

As a proud Republican, I’m serving the people of my district by fighting to let them keep more of their hard-earned money, fighting against burdensome and unnecessary regulations so businesses can grow and create jobs, and empowering parents, teachers and local administrators to better educate our children. Republicans in Texas are the engine of progress, economic growth and better schools and I’m proud to help carry that mantle.”

State Representative Rick Galindo III was born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio. From the very beginning, his parents – Oscar, a civilian employee at Kelly AFB, and Sylvia, who worked at USAA – instilled in him the values of education, hard work and giving back to the community. These values guide Rick to this day. Knowing the importance of a good education, Rick’s parents worked hard and sacrificed to send him to Central Catholic High School. After graduating, Rick attended St. Mary’s University here in San Antonio, earning a degree in Finance and Risk Management. Rick began his career working for Zachry Construction and Bexar County. Today, Rick serves as Risk Manager for Spectrum Association Management, serving numerous HOAs locally and across Texas.

Always looking to give back to his community, Rick has served for over 7 years as an officer and director of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, a global non-profit. He continues to volunteer countless hours for the Salvation Army, Angel Tree and the San Antonio Food Bank.

As State Representative, Rick serves on the crucial Public Education Committee where he fought for and won an additional $1.5 billion for Texas school children while also insisting on stronger accountability for our public schools. He is also a strong advocate for Texas seniors and Texas veterans, carrying important legislation.

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