Thursday, October 25, 2018

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AUSTIN, TX – The 3rd Quarter fundraising reports came out last week and Congressional Candidate MJ Hegar’s report is striking. Her massive fundraising haul of $1.9 million in 3 months looks great on the surface but when you dig deeper you see only 17.8% of the money came from Texas.

Of the $1.9 million, only $338,000 of the itemized funds came from Texans. In fact, she raised more money from Californians than she did from Texans. Liberals from California, New York and Massachusetts make up the bulk of the money she raised.

“MJ Hegar has demonstrated she is a great candidate for California, New York or Massachusetts, but has little in common with the voters she hopes to represent. Texas’ 31st Congressional District needs a strong conservative leader who will fight for lower taxes, a strong economy, and be a champion of veterans benefits. That is what they can expect from Congressman John Carter,” said Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey. “Out of state liberals are trying to buy this congressional seat in Texas. But Texans can’t be bought. MJ Hegar will have to prove that her values align with Texas values, and that is not the case. Her values align much more with California liberals, and California doesn’t need another Congressman!”

MJ Hegar’s 3rd Quarter Fundraising

$1.9 million Raised
$337,952 – From Texas
$967,559 – From Outside of Texas
$352,192 from California
$107,285 – Massachusetts
$147,239 – New York