AUSTIN, TX –¬†Last week the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) attacked Laura Moser, who is one of the Democrat candidates in Texas Congressional District 7. The DCCC is clearly scared of their own primary voters. They are so scared that the Democrat base has moved too far to the left that the are willing to attack a candidate of their own party. This kind of blatant contempt for their own base should be shocking, but not for the Democrat Party.

In 2016, the National Democrat Party attempted to manipulate their own primary process to clear a path for Hillary Clinton to become the Presidential nominee over Bernie Sanders. National Democrats are clearly scared of their their own voters. We encourage the voters of Texas to avoid Washington insiders and vote for the candidate that most reflects their values.

The Democrats are once again so desperate to try to win in the general election that they are willing to throw away the integrity of the primary process. The Republican Party of Texas encourages all voters to remember how the Democrats treat their primary voters when the general election begins this fall.