We hope to see you in Austin!

President Obama is coming to Texas for stops in Austin, Houston and Dallas on Monday, August 9. He is coming to Texas to support Democrats like Bill White, who agree with him and would advance his leftwing agenda in Texas. But even though he agrees with Obama, Bill White rushed to set up events that will keep him far away from any of the President’s fundraisers! He doesn’t want to be seen with the President that, just 18 months ago, he had himself Photoshopped next to for a political ad – and for whom he wrote a memo suggesting ways to sell the Democrats’ extreme and job-killing cap and tax scheme.

On Monday, Aug 9 at 5:30, you can come to Austin to respectfully rally and tell President Obama, Bill White and the rest of the Democrats to keep their liberal policies out of our state.

What: Hands Off Texas! Rally
Where: South Capitol Steps, Austin
When: Monday, Aug 9, 5:30 PM
Who: You and everyone you know!

Follow up-to-the-minute rally news at Hands Off Texas! and our RPT facebook fan page. Come to Austin on Monday, Aug 9 at 5:30 pm, stand with your fellow Texans as we draw a line in the sand and tell the liberal Democrats to Keep Their…