RPT Celebrates Monumental Week for U.S. Supreme Court

Austin, TX – The United States Supreme Court upheld constitutional stances on three important issues this week, and now with Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement, President Trump will be given an opportunity to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice and solidify Republican principles in the court for generations to come.

Monday, the court ruled in favor of Texas’ 2013 redistricting efforts which means the November election maps will remain unchanged. Yesterday, the court upheld the free speech rights of those who work at crisis pregnancy centers and want to give women an alternative to abortion to save the life of the child. Today, the court dealt a crushing blow to unions by overturning their decades-long practice of forcing employees to pay dues that could be used to support political candidates who will vote against the employee’s wishes and beliefs.

Chairman James Dickey stated, “This has been a monumental week for Republicans and for Republican ideals. We knew the importance of electing a Republican to the White House in 2016 because we knew these opportunities could present themselves. President Trump has already established that he knows how to keep his campaign promises and appoint excellent conservatives to the bench. We expect this winning trend will continue with his next choice for Supreme Court Justice and encourage him to pick any one of the great Texans that are on his short list.”