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Mentions and media hits about the Republican Party of Texas or its staff:

08.21.20 – National File: EXCLUSIVE: Allen West: 2020 Is “Rule Of Law” Vs. “Rule Of The Mob”

08.25.20 – The Michael Barry Show: Interview with Chairman Allen West

08.25.20 – CBS Local DFW: TX GOP Chairman Allen West Talks 2020 Election

10.28.20 – CBS 11 DFW: Texas is a “Toss-Up”

10.28.20 – WBAP: “Welcome” Message for Dem VP Nominee Kamala Harris

2.17.21: The Buck Sexton Show

2.26.21: Fox News: Allen West: If we are going to celebrate Black History Month, then we must honor all Black stories

3.5.21: FaithWire: Allen West: Brilliance of First Amendment Will Protect Religious Freedom from Equality Act

3.16.21: The Tim Pool Show: Timcast IRL

5.6.21: MRC: Allen West to Dems Supporting Racist “Oreo” Slur

5.6.21: Fox News: Allen West: National Day of Prayer: Why Our Nation Needs It Now More Than Ever

5.6.21: The Faulkner Focus

5.6.21: The Texan: Texas Republican Party Hopeful About Legislative Priorities, Calls for More Pressure on Lawmakers

5.6.21: Washington Times: Allen West blasts Biden, Harris for silence on Democratic official’s ‘oreo’ slur of Sen. Tim Scott

7.12.21: The Texan News: Former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi Will Succeed Allen West as the Next Texas GOP Chair

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