Joseph Vargas is a strategist commentator with a focus on Ethics in Philosophy and Political Strategy. His political and philosophical reviews clarify complex issues from a logical and procedural perspective. He bases his strategy on his 20 + years in marketing, branding and his studies in human behavior, experience with consulting, and campaign management.

Joseph was born in San Jose, California and attended elementary school both in the United States and Mexico. Because his parents travelled South to Guadalajara, Mexico in the Summer, Joseph attended school yearround during his elementary years. Part of his early studies included piano, organ and various other musical instruments. He was inspired at the young age of 7 to perform at malls and private events and continued his musical interest throughout college.

One of his most honored achievements in college was creating one of the first bilingual music online portals which helped promote a radio show he produced that aired in (7) countries. Joseph graduated from Angelo State University with a BBA in Management and a BA in Communications.

Joseph’s music career helped to mold his creative talents as a music web developer and music instructor, in which he is both certified. He has also written and produced numerous musical pieces which promoted him to be a member of the Grammy Recording Academy. He began to do consulting for individuals and businesses before his 20’s. Some of the businesses he’s consulted for include; radio stations, record labels, musical artists, and political candidates.

He has served as a panel speaker and key speaker in dozens of forums, not only in the U.S. but also in Mexico. Many of these engagements produced awards and recognition for his innovative contributions.

Currently, Joseph Vargas is politically active as a member of The San Angelo Pachyderm Club, The John Birch Society, The Republican National Hispanic Assembly, and Concho Valley Republican Women. He is also involved in philanthropy as a Shriner and Scottish Rite member, to name a few.

He frequently speaks on radio programs and at Town Hall events to promote his insight into better strategies for reaching different target groups of people. One of his more recent events is “Keep Texas Red” which he is the founder. Keep Texas Red is focused on providing insight into the “Democrat mindset” or as it states in his book “Dealing the Democrat Modus Operandi” which explains how the Democrats organize their agenda to destroy Conservatism in our country. Joseph also founded and edits the Keep Texas Red web page,

Discussion Topics:

  • Strategies in effectively fighting Democrat attacks against Republicans

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