This afternoon, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) was informed that the three-judge federal panel in San Antonio has issued an order for a status conference on February 1st. As the ordered status conference is the same date on which the recently extended filing deadlines are supposed to end, the RPT is concerned that delaying a status conference until this date will place the April 3rd unified Primary Election in jeopardy. This may also put in jeopardy the Democratic and Republican State Conventions which are scheduled in June. Therefore, the Republican Party of Texas has instructed its lawyers to file a motion with the panel to reconsider a status conference at such a late date and to request that the status conference be moved up so that the possibility of an April 3rd primary can be maintained.

As a note to our candidates, county chairs, precinct chairs and Republican activists – until we receive a ruling on our anticipated motion to reconsider, we suggest everybody continue with plans toward an April 3rd Primary. However, everyone should now be on notice that there is a possibility that this date could be moved.

We will continue to try and keep you advised as soon as developments occur.