March 12, 2019

Sam Pohl,

Republican Candidate for Texas House District 125 Fred Rangel Fought Good Fight, Rallied Republicans

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Today was Election Day in the Texas House District 125 Special Election. Republican candidate Fred Rangel fought hard in his ultimately unsuccessful race for the seat. Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“Congratulations to Fred Rangel on his run for the Texas House. His campaign was built on grassroots energy and focused on accountability of those who serve. Fred forced Democrats to feverishly work to keep their hold in this longtime blue district and awakened more Republicans to vote in this special election.

“As we prepare for 2020, we will challenge Democrats in every seat across this state by recruiting top-notch candidates to promote Republican values that keep Texas great! We appreciate Fred’s tireless efforts in HD 125 to spread the Republican message of lower taxes, quality education, and the continuation of our booming economy. We need more leaders like Fred to stand up in every district for our message and values.”