AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas today continued their case against Rep. Jim Dunnam, deeming the Democratic Leader as Texas’ Version of Nancy Pelosi. The website shows Texans his past voting record on past legislation in addition to highlighting a partisanship study performed by Rice University Political Science Chair Mark Jones where he is among the top 10 most liberal voters in the Texas House of Representatives.

RPT spokesman Chris Elam, continued to question Dunnam’s political motives by saying, “Jim Dunnam has consistently and systematically chosen partisanship over good policy and obstructionism over the best interests of Texas. His extremely liberal voting record clearly suggests a pattern of big government, wasteful spending and high taxes. Already, thousands of Disrict 57 residents have declared themselves “Done With Dunnam,” and rejected these liberal attitudes. We encourage more voters to educate themselves on these issues by visiting the site.”

In addition to outlining Dunnam’s liberal voting record, the site continues to present the residency case against Dunnam. The site features a petition for voters to sign to let Dunnam know that they are done with his deceptions and his partisan agenda in the Legislature.

Dunnam admitted last month that he does not live in the House District he represents in the State Legislature, and as the facts presented on the website make clear, he has not lived in the district he represents since 2001.