Wednesday, November 11, 2019


Sam Pohl,

Republican Party of Texas Has A Republican Candidate Filed Against Every Democrat In Congress and All of Targeted Races

AUSTIN, TX – Republican Party of Texas confirms there is a Republican candidate challenging every Democrat in all 36 Congressional districts and all targeted State Representative races.

A crucial part of accomplishing this was the Candidate Recruiting Task Force which was led by Hamilton County GOP Chair Cat Parks. The program was a huge success for recruiting candidates and accomplishing one of the Republican Party of Texas’ top campaign priorities – challenging every Democrat incumbent in Congress and  targeted State House races. 

Following the 2018 election cycle, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey made it a top priority for the Republican Party of Texas to recruit a Republican candidate to challenge incumbent Democrats throughout the state of Texas – we are excited to have achieved that priority.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“Our goal was to leave no Democrat in Congress unchallenged in Texas and find and prepare candidates to challenge in all of our target races. I’m proud to announce that we’ve done that. We have raised more money, recruited more candidates, hired more staff, and instituted more efforts than at this point in any prior cycle. We are not just talking about winning Texas, we’re putting in the work to keep Texas red.

“A Texas-sized thank you to Chairwoman Cat Parks and the entire Candidate Recruiting Task Force for their incredible effort and amazing results throughout the state. Thank you to the County Chairs, Precinct Chairs, and all who helped identify these candidates. Finally, a special thank you to each of these candidates who have stepped up to run in the name of Republican values – we are truly grateful.”