recounts unsafe and unsanitary conditions in apartments owned by the Democratic Houston State Representative

October 27, 2010

AUSTIN – Today, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has launched a new website re-stating the record of State Rep. Hubert Vo (D-Houston), who is trying to hide his record and reputation from the voters of House District 149. contains a detailed record of Hubert Vo’s liberal voting history, as well as documentation of the citations and unsanitary conditions of Vo’s apartment complexes. Also contained on the site are records of the letters of complaint Vo wrote using his official state letterhead to attempt to gain benefit for his personal businesses.

As was aggressively reported in the Houston Chronicle, Hubert Vo has been exposed as a slumlord who permitted unsafe and unsanitary conditions to be the norm at his apartment complexes. His negative reputation has been further enhanced by reports that HPD found inappropriate application of attempted fixes and subsequently, that Hubert Vo used his state office to bully HPD into having a ticket reversed.

“Hubert Vo’s time is up,” said RPT Communications Director Chris Elam. “And his poor reputation as both a businessman and a legislator has finally caught up with him. Politics as usual is no longer good enough for the voters of House District 149, and Vo finds his political career in the crosshairs of outraged public sentiment.”

Elam continued, “The RPT has launched to remind and educate HD149 residents about the true record of Hubert Vo. Not only has he earned a reputation as a slumlord in his district, but up in Austin, he has earned an equally poor reputation as a big-government liberal who has consistently voted for higher taxes, increased spending and against small businesses. Texas families and businesses cannot afford to re-elect Hubert Vo, so we encourage voters to give him back the time he needs to oversee basic sanitary maintenance in his apartment complexes.”

RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri commented, “Through the hard work of Jack O’Connor and his volunteers, this race has become increasingly competitive. After personally going out to blockwalk for Jack O’Connor this past weekend, I can attest to the disconnect between Hubert Vo and the residents of his district. This website is a great avenue for conservative voters to help spread Vo’s true record. District 149 Republicans are ready for the final push towards an O’Connor victory next Tuesday.”

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