**The following resolution was passed by the SREC during their 4th Quarter 2021 meeting, held December 4th 2021.

WHEREAS, the Republican National Committee announced a Pride Coalition and hired a Pride Engagement Director, an action which denotes advocacy rather than engagement; and

WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Texas believes that the path forward to save our country from the extremism of the Democrat Party involves rejecting identity politics; and

WHEREAS, the extremism of the Democrat party works to divide our nation by race, by gender, by social class, or by vaccination status to create a culture of fear and mistrust to win elections; and

WHEREAS, the ideal way to build a strong community and a strong political movement is to work and fight for coalitions of families, parents, and individuals who value freedom and individual liberty; and

WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Texas pledges fidelity to our Party platform and affirms its stand that the most basic and fundamental building block of any society is marriage between one man and one woman; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican party of Texas does not believe that building GOP versions of left-wing movements furthers our cause and does not support this action by the Republican National Committee; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas encourages the Republican National Committee to strengthen and broaden its engagement and its relationships with conservative and evangelical organizations who have provided infrastructure, strength, and electoral victories for the Republican Party for decades.