WHEREAS, the Republican Party benefits from having principled conservatives seek local office and serve their communities; and

WHEREAS, parents across Texas are increasingly concerned about political indoctrination in the classroom, inappropriate sexual materials in school curriculum and libraries, and the lack of school district transparency; and

WHEREAS, many school boards have not been responsive to parent concerns; and

WHEREAS, grassroots movements and parent groups across the state have organized to elect principled conservative school board members who put students and parents first; and

WHEREAS, Round Rock ISD’s lack of transparency and responsiveness to parents has been particularly problematic and newsworthy and has ignited a movement among RRISD parents to elect new school board members; and

WHEREAS, the Round Rock ISD school board imposed a mask mandate on students in 2021 despite protests from parents; and

WHEREAS, the Round Rock ISD school board has refused to address parental concerns about sexually inappropriate materials in campus libraries; and

WHEREAS, the Round Rock ISD school board has limited parents’ speech at school board meetings, and one Round Rock ISD parent (and Texas GOP Chaplain) Jeremy Story was forcibly removed for speaking at an open forum; and

WHEREAS, the Round Rock ISD school board majority has attempted to retaliate against and silence two dissenting board members who have spoken out against these abuses; and

WHEREAS, a team of five courageous and qualified candidates has stepped forward to run for Round Rock ISD school board to put students first, to make the district more accountable to parents, and to ensure every tax dollar is spent wisely; and

WHEREAS, the Travis County Republican Party has endorsed these five superb candidates; and

WHEREAS, Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi, in his personal capacity, has endorsed these five superb candidates; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas endorses John Keagy (Place 1), Orlando Salinas (Place 3), Jill Farris (Place 4), Christie Slape (Place 5), and Don Zimmerman (Place 6) for Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees in the November 2022 election, contingent upon the endorsement of the Travis County Republican Party.