AUSTIN, TX – Democrat State Senator Carlos Uresti was found guilty on all eleven counts of federal fraud charged against him yesterday, and he refused to resign from the Texas Senate.  Lt. Governor Dan Patrick stripped him of all his committee assignments.  RPT Chairman James Dickey called for his resignation, and Uresti’s fellow Democrats in the Senate Democrat Caucus called for his resignation as well.

Yet, Carlos Uresti is still representing Texans in Senate District 19.  Why?  

After being being found guilty of all charges against him including securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, Carlos Uresti is facing disbarment and years of jail time.  It is clear that Texans deserve better leadership than from someone who breaks almost a dozen federal laws.  It is well past time that Democrat Carlos Uresti resign from the Texas Senate.

You can read RPT Chairman James Dickey’s statement calling for Senator Uresti’s resignation here.