AUSTIN – Today, the Republican Party of Texas took a unique opportunity to call out TWO tax-and-spend Williamson County politicians for supporting higher taxes on Texans through an increase on the gas tax.

While it comes as no surprise that a Democrat supports raising taxes on Texas families, it is more unusual to see a race where the Libertarian candidate agrees with the liberal Democrat and actually argues for a raise on the gasoline tax.

In a recent media interview, Matt Whittington, the Libertarian candidate for Texas House District 136 said "The largest issue I have with the economy is transportation. As a Libertarian, it’s hard to say this, but the gas tax would probably need to be increased."

Whittington's comments echo the sentiments of Matt Stillwell, the self-touted "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" Democratic candidate for Texas House District 136, who stated in a March 2012 interview, that "Having toll roads is OK, but that can't be the only source of revenue and the solution to transportation. What about raising the gas tax? It hasn't been raised since 1991."

Both candidates are running against Republican Tony Dale for the Texas House in District 136.

Republican Party of Texas spokesman Chris Elam stated, "As one of the many Williamson County residents who commute into Austin on a daily basis, I can attest that Texas families are already paying more than we can afford at the pump with the Obama gasoline prices. Electing either one of these tax-hiking candidates will only ensure that we have a representative who wants us to pay more."

"Texans can't afford "The Matt Tax" on top of Obama's gasoline prices," Elam continued. "Tony Dale is the only candidate who is against a hike in the gasoline tax and who has pledged to vote against any tax increases. His record on the Cedar Park City Council backs up that pledge."