Saturday, June 6, 2020


RPT Chairman James Dickey Recaps the Texas Democrats Virtual Convention

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented on the Texas Democrats Virtual Convention:

“You heard nothing new from Joe Biden today because there is nothing new about Joe Biden. The Democrats are in a lose-lose situation. On one hand, they have a presumptive nominee in Joe Biden that exemplifies all that is wrong with the old ways the Democrats lean on and on the other hand, the Democrats have a socialist left that has pulled their party so far off the ledge they have nearly reached a point of no return. The Democrats are in full socialist mode, and every American should be frightened.

“He said they needed to win the U.S. House, but Texas voters and the great class of new and returning Republican candidates running for U.S. House in Texas this cycle will help prevent that. 

”He said they need to win the US Senate, but Joe Biden and his motley crew of Democrats can look elsewhere for U.S. Senate seats as Texas will re-elect Senator John Cornyn in a landslide. Senator Cornyn has an incredible reputation and an incredible campaign and he will steamroll whichever runoff candidate finally becomes the Democrat nominee.

“Biden said they have to flip the Texas House, but as the 16 point pounding Gary Gates delivered in the Texas House District 28 in January proved, Democrats will lose seats, not gain seats in the Texas House in the next election.

“He said Democrats’ have to lead and deliver meaningful change for people who are hurting all across this nation’, but it’s Republican policies that are providing leadership, hope, and opportunity, not the tiny tyrant tendencies of the Democrat despots across the country that still want to lock everyone down and not let people see what freedom looks like again.

“The economy has begun to reopen under Governor Abbott and President Trump after our record jobs gains were artificially halted by a global pandemic. President Trump built the strongest economy in history and is doing so again. In May, millions of jobs were added, far better than the predicted jobs loss of 7.5 million. There were key gains from several industries, including manufacturing, construction, health, retail, and restaurants. The unemployment rate dropped, coming in well under the expected 20%. This is not the job report Joe Biden wanted to wake up to.

“As soon as riots began, President Trump spoke out immediately against the violence we are seeing across the country. It took Joe Biden 2 days to speak out against the riots. Joe Biden prides himself on being “Middle Class Joe,” yet when rioters start destroying hard working Americans’ businesses on main streets across America, he was silent. 

“Joe Biden was hiding out for weeks while the President led.

“The Democrats have a dream that they can win Texas and they can win the White House. The Democrats could not have chosen a candidate with less of a vision than Joe Biden. The Democrats could not have chosen a candidate with less of a backbone than Joe Biden. The Democrats could not have chosen a candidate with less accomplishments for a 40-year career in government than Joe Biden. The Democrats better get used to this in Texas and nationwide – they are their own worst nightmare.

“The Republican Party of Texas is firing on all pistons. We are on the right track to deliver Victory in November- from the White House to the courthouse, and we are on the right track to beat Democrats in November, to protect and hold our majorities in Texas, and to win for President Trump and deliver Texas’ electoral votes for his re-election!”