Yesterday, a member of the Legislature reportedly sent a letter to Texas Ethics Commission claiming the Republican Caucus Speaker Selection Commitment Form is a form of bribery.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey issued the following statement:

“Like many campaign pledges signed by candidates, the State Republican Executive Committee created the Republican Caucus Speaker Selection Commitment Form so voters know candidates’ preference on an important issue. The anonymous requester fails to recognize the Form is voluntary, has no legal ramifications, comes with no conditions, and is strictly for information purposes for the public. While the Party is confident that the Texas Ethics Commission will use common sense to reaffirm our right to distribute the Form, we also stand ready to challenge any unconstitutional power grab that deprives voters of important information about candidates’ positions.

“We at the Republican Party of Texas are happy to empower and encourage our Representatives’ efforts to stand united and be open and transparent with the voters.”