RPT State Chairman Steve Munisteri issued the following statement today upon learning of the death of GOP Pioneer Nancy Palm. “When I first started working for campaigns in the 1970’s Harris County Chairwoman Nancy Palm was the inspirational leader of our local party. I specifically remember my mother coming home from Republican meetings at which Chairwoman Palm spoke and telling us how fired up she was and inspired by Chairwoman Palm’s message. For all those who have been involved in Harris County politics over the years Chairwoman Palm is truly a legend. She worked tirelessly for years to build up the Harris County party at a time when Democrats were solidly in control. I also have fond memories of her as an early leader in the Ronald Reagan for President movement and one of those responsible for his victories in Texas. All Republican officials in Harris County and Republican activists owe her a debt of gratitude for all she accomplished when it was not popular to be a Republican.”

Nancy Palm became a Republican activist in Harris County as early as the 1950’s when she moved to Houston from Tennessee. By 1964 she was widely known as a leader in the Harris County Republican Party, and was of tremendous influence in the development of both the Harris County GOP and the Republican Party of Texas.

During an interview she gave in 1974, Palm gave a brief outline of what she saw as the keys to success for both local and statewide Republican organization – the excerpt is as follows.

“I would emphasize organization. I would also emphasize the small donor and I would also emphasize a total openness for the party, for financial records. We prepare a budget, present our audit, both to the press and the public. I would help people to understand what they are getting for their money and I would develop the issues on a liberal-conservative basis. Because Texas, even with the tremendous influx of population, is basically a conservative state.”

Chairman Munisteri concluded, “On behalf of the RPT, we wish to extend our deepest condolences to her family and also to express our thanks for all that she has done to help keep Texas a conservative state. She will be sorely missed.”