The Republican Party of Texas is sad to report the loss of one of our dearest friends, Norma Tovar.

Norma served as a member of our State Republican Executive Committee from SD 27 and also as a precinct chairman in Cameron County. The SREC, along with the elected State Chair and State Vice Chair, manage the affairs of the Republican Party of Texas between state conventions.

We all will remember Norma fondly for her tireless work and commitment to promote Republican values in the Texas Valley, where she volunteered countless hours to elect Republicans to office. Norma understood that our state thrives when government provides essential services and allows its citizens to be self reliant. She was a foot soldier in our effort to deliver this message to her community of Cameron County. Norma’s friends will remember her as someone who was anxious to help a friend or family member in need and always with a smile on her face.

Chairman Munisteri remembered Norma with the following comments: “Norma Tovar will be dearly missed. She had an infectious smile and positive attitude that would provide levity during some very long meetings or heated political debates. More importantly, Norma was an effective SREC member in South Texas where she served as the backbone of our grassroots campaign. Norma’s commitment to liberty predates Republican electoral success in Texas. She helped to build our party and to defend our values when they have come under assault.”

David Zapata, RPT Director of Hispanic Outreach also remembered Norma:  “Over the last two years and a half I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people. I was very sad to hear that one of them, Norma Tovar, passed away last Friday. Norma was a great friend. She was kind, honest, and she always did her best to make the people around her smile.

She also became a mentor. I admired her dedication to her family and working as hard as she did for her community. I learned a lot about the Valley and politics in general from her. I will miss her advice and friendship, as I know many others will. Please keep her family in your prayers as these are surely some difficult times for them.

You will be missed but your memory will be alive in all of us who were lucky enough to experience your friendship and kindness. Thank you Norma, and God bless you.”

Norma’s family released the following statement: “As you know, Norma passed suddenly and with Norma being how she was, she always looked out for everyone else’s needs and problems. She wasn’t prepared for her own. Friends and family have come together to try to raise the funds to help pay for the cost of her burial.  Any amount is welcomed and never too small. May the Lord multiply whatever size gift you feel in your heart to give. We are on a time limit & hope to reach this goal by Thursday. As we cannot continue unless the services are paid in full. Thank you & God Bless.”

Funeral arrangements have been made for this afternoon, Thursday, February 6, at 2:00 PM at the Trevino Funeral Home in Brownsville. The burial will be at Guillen Community Cemetery at 5:00 PM also located in Brownsville.

To make a donation to help with funeral expenses, click here.