AUSTIN, TX – Last Saturday morning, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey met with Republican leaders within Hispanic communities throughout Texas for a roundtable discussion. The objective was for the Chairman to receive their input on what is needed to grow the Party. Conversation centered around the need for more effective communication on the Republican policies that make life better for all Texans, including and especially those from Hispanic backgrounds. Advice was also given to recruit more conservative Hispanic Texans to run for public office and provide the necessary support to do so.

Chairman Dickey stated, “I’m grateful for the investment that these leaders have made within their communities, and I was honored to meet with them. Their input will be vital as we continue to grow our strong base of Texas Hispanics. It’s critical to communicate effectively that our Republican policies will make life better for all as we work to increase economic success, reduce the strain of government regulations, and protect life.”

Joining Saturday’s discussion were: Ivan Andarza, Irene Armendariz-Jackson, Dianne Costa, Nubia Devine, Sonja Harris, Art Martinez de Vara, Artemio Muniz, Sonia Rivera, and Merri Velasquez; with additional input from State Republican Executive Committee members Janie Melendez (SD-20) and Naomi Narvaiz (SD-21), event organizer Adryana Aldeen, and written input from Tony Abad and George Antuna.

This meeting is one of many discussions in which the Chairman has been gathering input on growing and strengthening the Republican Party of Texas.