AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas today launched a new web site to examine the true record of the Democratic nominee for State House District 45 John Adams. The new website can be found online at

Throughout his campaign, Adams has made education and school funding the centerpieces of his agenda and even highlights his assertion that “Texas needs to be in the business of creating jobs, not firing teachers and weakening schools.”

However, as the facts on the new website make clear – Adams has a history of saying one thing while actually doing another. The initial site launch contains:

    • A letter that John Adams sent to the Texas Senate testifying on Senate Bill 8. Citing "flexibilities" that the measure would give school board members, Adams pleaded for the ability to impose salary reductions for teachers and unpaid teacher furloughs for "meaningfully reducing payroll expenses".
    • Details on the $1.3 million cut in funding from the 2010-2011 Dripping Springs ISD budget. Adams not only voted for this budget, he even made the motion to pass this 2.6% decrease in school funding.
    • Three separate attempts at raising property taxes for Dripping Springs residents. In 2011, Adams made the motion to increase property taxes by $.13 per $100 of taxable value. Voters disagreed, rejecting Adams' tax hike by nearly a 3 to 1 margin.

Republican Party of Texas spokesman Chris Elam said, "The residents of District 45 deserve to know about John Adams' record and this website lays out the truth in his own words. It is simply stunning how many times this politician has voted against taxpayers and lobbied against the best interests of our teachers and schools. He is another in a long line of typical, liberal, tax-raising bureaucrats who promise one thing while on the campaign trail but who vote much differently when in office."

"Today's launch is just the beginning," Elam concluded. "John Adams has left a long trail of hypocrisy behind him and has been raising taxes, working against our deserving teachers and weakening schools long before Representative Isaac was ever elected. Over the coming days and weeks, House District 45 voters will be shown the complete story and we would like to urge them to exercise their own "flexibilities" to reject John Adams once again."

The website address is: