AUSTIN – In advance of Monday’s visit by President Barack Obama, the Republican Party of Texas today offered to provide a bus ticket from Waco to Austin for newly-nominated Democrat and Obama financial backer John Cullar. Thursday night, in Hillsboro, Cullar was selected by Democratic party leaders to run against Republican state Senator Brian Birdwell.

Federal and state records show that Cullar, who previously served as Chairman of the McLennan County Democratic Party, has a long history of donating to numerous liberal Democrats, including two donations totaling more than $500 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

As shown in the photo below, Cullar, a long-time Democrat partisan from Waco, campaigned enthusiastically for the election of Barack Obama. He appeared with former Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, alongside Waco’s state Rep. Jim Dunnam, at a rally in Crawford in the summer of 2008.

“As a brand-new candidate, it will be hard for John Cullar to claim previously scheduled campaign commitments in avoiding Barack Obama, as Bill White has tried to do. Still, we want to make it as easy as possible for Cullar to campaign again for the man he financially supported and helped elect,” said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston. “Mr. Cullar is obviously comfortable conducting campaign travel on a bus, so if he’ll accept our offer we’ll provide a round trip ticket from Waco to Austin so he can join Mr. Obama there.”

Democrat Nominee John Cullar campaigning on behalf of Barack Obama with Democrat National Committee Chair Howard Dean in Crawford, Texas.