AUSTIN – Today, the Republican Party of Texas continued its case against liberal Democratic State Representative Joe Moody (El Paso) at “The People vs. Joe Moody” website,

RPT spokesman Chris Elam stated the latest deception from Rep. Joe Moody, “Politicians often say one thing, while doing another. As illustrated through the website video, Joe Moody has attempted to portray himself as a strong opponent of special interest money, and a Representative who is in touch with the people of El Paso. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Elam continued, “The real story can be verified by any Texan, using the public records available from the Texas Ethics Commission website. Joe Moody has taken over $350,000 in campaign funds from trial lawyers, trial lawyer PAC’s, and self-interested special interests who stand to profit off of frivolous lawsuits. How ‘in touch’ can Representative Moody claim to be with El Paso families and businesses, with this magnitude of cash flowing in from out-of-district sources?”

The video on the website presents a sharp contrast between Joe Moody’s election year rhetoric, and the facts of how Moody has received $350,000 in campaign contributions from trial lawyers and their committees.

Over the next three weeks, the Republican Party of Texas will continue educating voters through the website,, detailing the deceptions and cases against Rep. Moody’s record on behalf of El Paso.