Calls on Dallas County Commissioners Court To Appoint A New Sheriff

AUSTIN – The Dallas County Commissioners Court should take immediate and appropriate steps to replace Lupe Valdez given the sheriff’s public statements indicating she is running for Governor, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) said today. Article XVI, Section 65(b) of the Texas Constitution provides that a sheriff who becomes a candidate for another office automatically resigns his or her position if at least one year and 30 days remain in the sheriff’s current term.

RPT Chairman James Dickey released the following statement:

“Sheriffs should first and foremost protect the communities they serve. When political aspirations overshadow those duties and responsibilities, it is incumbent upon the leaders of that community to replace him or her.  Lupe Valdez has made clear her priorities are not keeping Dallas County citizens safe, but instead playing politics with public safety.  Yesterday’s false starts over resignation only emphasized how much of a distraction her campaign is from the job Dallas County taxpayers are paying her to do. Since Texans have consistently rejected big-government, tax-and-spend liberals in every statewide race for decades it’s not surprising that she would be indecisive about resigning to become the Democrats’ next sacrificial lamb. But since she clearly wishes to run for Governor, she should do so on her own time.

“The Texas Constitution provides that a sitting sheriff automatically vacates his or her office when they announce their candidacy for another office with 13 months remaining on their term. Public statements indicate Valdez has vacated her office, and today I am calling on the Dallas County Commissioners Court to begin the process to appoint a sheriff whose sole focus will be on keeping Dallas citizens safe.”

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