Three Weeks Until Early Voting

That’s right – voting in the November general election opens up to Texans in less than 21 days. For seniors over 65, college students, and other eligible particpants who have made their requests – absentee ballots are already in the mail! Election season is solidly here, so dig in and help your Republican Party do everything in our combined power to put our candidates over the top for victory!

Toward that goal, remember that you can still sign up yourself, or your friends and family for the Texas Trailblazers and our statewide blockwalking program. The first of our targeted blockwalking dates is October 16-17, so don’t stop your recruiting efforts! Subsequent blockwalks will continue throughout early voting and the weekend before the election on October 23-24 and 30-31 as the Trailblazer volunteer network coordinates activities with our county parties and candidates.

Every candidate and political junkie can tell you – personal contact is the absolute key to victory in every single one of our Republican races. Help put principles into action and join with thousands of other Republicans to sign up today!

Grassroots Club

This past week, the RPT launched the Grassroots Club and thank you to all of the participants who have signed up over the weekend!

Through your $8.25 monthly contribution, you help your State Republican Party become less dependent on large, one-time donations, and allow us to reducethe cost of fundraising from 70% down to 5%. Throughout the year, the Grassroots Club provides a consistent, steady flow of funds to fight the Democrats all year long. And most importantly, your participation means putting an end to fundraising calls and direct mail from the State Party. Join today!

RPT Outreach Update

Justin Hollis (, is the new Outreach Director here at RPT. He has been here for nearly two months, and hit the ground running. Our Party’s vision of a grassroots approach to outreach has us looking for opportunities to partner with Republican and conservative groups throughout the state that already have their boots on the ground. The RPT is continuing to find ways to do all we can to support them in their outreach efforts.

Justin has identified some 600 organizations throughout the state that make up the Hispanic, Black, Asian and TEA Party communities. Currently, he is building a master calendar so we know which organizations are having meetings and events on certain days. It is our plan to speak and listen to these organizations on a regular basis to get them engaged with the Republican Party. The long-term plans are to eventually hold RPT sponsored events in these communities to further educate everyone about the Republican Party of Texas. Only through increased relationships, can we recruit more people from these various communities into voting for and running for elected office, precinct chair, county chair or SREC.

Justin has been traveling the state, attending meetings and events in Austin, San Antonio and Houston in support of the Party’s auxiliaries, and Republican and conservative organizations across the state. Recently, the RPT hosted a meeting of several Republican and conservative Hispanics organizations from across the state. In the near future we will be having meetings with Republican and conservative Black, Asian and TEA Party organizations. We are having dialogue with everyone, and we will continue to have dialogue to ensure the stability of the Republican Party in Texas.

Register to Vote

October 4th is the absolute last day for registering to vote in the November 2nd General Election. Remember to encourage all of your friends and family to update and renew their registration if they have recently moved. In Houston alone, multiple news reports have documented how the Democrats and their front organizations are submitting fraudulent registrations by the thousands. The opposition is hard at work trying to take this election away from the millions of honest Texas voters who are following the law, and we must work even harder to secure victory.

Please consider supporting the Republican Party of Texas with your financial contribution, and sign up to be part of our statewide blockwalk with the Texas Trailblazers! Now more than ever, we need you working beside us to help keep Texas strong, free and prosperous. Join us today!