AUSTIN, TX – Republican Party of Texas Vice Chair Amy Clark released the following statement on the anniversary of Roe V Wade:

“Today we reflect on a sad moment in American history—the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision. More than 50 million abortions have occurred in the US alone since this date in 1973. An estimated nearly 8 million of those deaths have been committed by Planned Parenthood alone. When will Americans say enough is enough?

“I am proud to stand with my fellow Texas Republicans firmly on the side of LIFE. The Republican Party of Texas not only affirms the value of innocent life from conception to natural death, we made the abolition of abortion a legislative priority in the state.

“On behalf of the millions of lives that have been ended before they began, I ask you to join together with us in prayer for both babies and mothers on this solemn day. I also ask you to make a stand for LIFE today on social media. Let them hear your voice… if we don’t speak out for the voices that have been silenced, who will?  Let ours be the pro-life generation!”