Dear Fellow Texas Republican,
It is in times like these that our Texas spirit of community soars in helping Texans pull through a challenging moment.

The Republican Party of Texas is doing its part to keep Texans safe, and we will do our part to help our fellow Texans through this trying time.

To do just that, we are excited to announce that the Republican Party of Texas has reignited #RPTServes.

Chairman James Dickey Kicks Off #RPTServes by Donating Blood!

You may recall in August of 2017 – when thousands of our fellow Texans faced utter devastation in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. All of us watched friends and neighbors lose their homes, loved ones, and property. We were heartbroken, but we weren’t helpless. Determined not to let Texans lose hope, we felt the call to stand up and serve in any way that we could. The very next day, we activated our #RPTServes initiative to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the storm. 

Who would have thought that less than three years later, Texas and our nation would find themselves in the unprecedented situation we are in today? Once again, we feel the tug on our hearts to “do the something” that we can do.

#RPTServes is once again calling for “all hands on deck” — this time to come to the assistance of Texans in need and those who are most at risk from the COVID-19 virus. For those who are unable to venture out for needed food and supplies, the days and weeks ahead are full of uncertainty and worry.

Though we all must practice social distancing and take every precaution to prevent the spread of this virus, there is much that we as a community can do to assist and affirm the most vulnerable during this pandemic. 

#RPTServes is announcing four key strategic initiatives as follow to once again come to the aid of our neighbors in this difficult time:

  1. Bridge the gap between the needs of our most vulnerable Texans and the resources they need by utilizing our RPT grassroots network to garner and deliver aid where it is needed most to include recommendations of food to local food banks.
  2. Support our community medical professionals and first responders by working with local groups and organizations to offer both tangible and moral support to those on the front lines of this battle. 
  3. Foster the support of local small businesses who are struggling during this unprecedented time.
  4. Improve life for Texas seniors during this difficult time by inspiring a movement of people of all ages to communicate and connect with those who are isolated and alone. 

Thankfully, there are many ways you can practice social distancing but still help your community RIGHT NOW:

Support those in the frontlines of fighting the virus

Call ahead to your local first responder stations/clinics/hospitals and ask them about donating food or coffee. Coordinate with them about best drop-off locations and times. 

Donate Blood

There is a rising need for blood and plasma donations during these next few weeks. A blood donation right now is critical. If you are a healthy and eligible blood donor, you can go to to find a blood bank in your community, or visit to find blood drives scheduled in your area. It’s easy, can be done at a safe distance from others and can save a life!

Adopt a Food Bank

Encourage your local County Party to adopt a food bank! There are thousands of Texans depending on food distribution centers to meet the needs of their families in this difficult time. You can help. If each of our County Parties adopts a local food bank, together we could help replenish the shelves and meet one of the most critical needs in Texas. You can also make your own individual contribution.

Become a Senior Sidekick

There’s no better way to make a difference for the most vulnerable in your neighborhood than to extend them a visit at a safe distance or, at minimum, make a phone call to check in. Call ahead for the best times, then offer to take them regular meals or to do a grocery run for them. Remind them to check the supply of critical items and needed medications—it can take much longer to refill and restock these items than they are used to. 

Porch Visits

Schedule time with those homebound in your community and visit them through their front door or a window. Bring photos or music to brighten their day. Even if you have to stay on the sidewalk or porch steps, your smile will go a long way to making a day!

Help support small businesses in your community

Purchase gift cards or certificates now that can be used at a later time. Our local businesses need our help today. Support local restaurants by purchasing take-out meals and delivering them to seniors or others in need/clinics/first responders, etc. (Always call first.) Some restaurants are now offering to sell their food in bulk thanks to a recent executive order from Governor Abbott. Consider purchasing that food and then donating it to a local food bank – a win-win!

Get young people involved

Have your kids write letters or draw pictures for quarantined residents of nursing homes or veterans homes. Bring them along to your “porch visits” or have them work with nursing homes to set up Zoom or FaceTime calls with residents. Ask them if they would be willing to contact their teachers and offer their help as online tutors for kids who are struggling. 

Yesterday we shared the relaunch of #RPTServes with our Republican Leadership across the state, and some folks have already sent photos of how they are coming together to help fellow Texans! Please send us your photos at and we will share them on RPT’s online platforms! 

These are just a few ways that you can help those who need it today. Please invite others to get involved and join our Facebook group – RPT Serves – where we will be posting daily tips and information. Additionally, you can contact us directly at if you know of a group/church/business with specific needs. We can broadcast the information and the ways to help those who have joined the Facebook group – RPT Serves.

Finally, I want to ask you to join me in fervent prayer today and in the coming days for our state and our nation during this pandemic. Please pray for the medical professionals, first responders, and all those putting themselves daily in harm’s way to prevent the spread of the disease and care for those infected. Pray for all those impacted by this virus, and those who are caring for them.

As the weeks go by, you will see more information filter through the RPT social media and through the new Facebook group – RPT Serves. We are calling on you to like and share these vital ways to help with others in your network. Working together, we can help connect those of us who have the ability to help with those who are in most need of assistance… and of hope. Thank you for your willingness to “do the something” that you can do for our fellow Texans in need.


James Dickey

Chairman, Republican Party of Texas