Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sam Pohl,

Sitting Congressman, and Chairman of His Brother’s Presidential Campaign, Doxes Prominent Business Owners for Having Different Political Ideology

AUSTIN, TX – On Monday night, Joaquin Castro, who represents Texas’ 20th Congressional District, deliberately insulted prominent business San Antonio business owners for holding different ideological beliefs.

“Our elected officials are sent to Washington to serve their constituents, but unfortunately Joaquin Castro has made it clear he would prefer to publicly attack his constituents and neighbors because they don’t share his ideology. This is absolutely egregious and Castro should immediately delete this tweet and apologize. As Joaquin is also the chairman of his brother’s campaign it is incumbent on his brother, Julian Castro, to condemn this act as well. Members of Congress should be above ‘doxing’ people, and calling prominent members of their community racist for holding different political beliefs. This is absolutely despicable.”